Full Doom Track: Determine Investigators


Hello Arkham Fans!

This episode, entitled Determine Investigators, is running a bit late due to the starting of school.  It is always a busy time for me as I'm sure you all understand.  I'm excited to welcome Joe Pilkus back to the program and of course, we talk about Crafthulhu and how it is moving forward.  Also I've been able to put my thoughts together for Innsmouth Horror and hopefully have come up with a comprehensive review for it.  I'm well aware that I need a pop-filter and have one in the mail.  As soon as Amazon comes through you won't have to endure my heavy "P"s, "B"s & "D"s.  Sorry in advance.  I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts and input.  Check us out on Facebook and Twitter if you'd like too!

Hope you enjoy the episode!  We'll see you next month!


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